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Keep the human race

Active and Happy

We inspire people to lead better lives

Our vision is active, healthy and happy humankind. We believe it all starts with being active – not getting stuck to screens.

One step ahead

We are on a good cause which others will follow. Well-being is a trend that is set to continue.

Engaging concept

We stand out as a combination of digital and physical experiences, fused into one.

Healthy addiction

We harness technology for good and create a healthy addiction – meant for everyone.

Next steps

We joined forces in 2017 and have now worked with municipalities, real-estate owners, partners, investors and sponsors. The first Action Stadium opens in fall 2019 in the UK. We aim to open 100+ Action Stadiums in Europe, the Asia Pacific and the US by 2025.

Currently, we are looking for investors, real-estate owners and other partners to take this movement to the next level. Interested?

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