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Keep the human race

Active and Happy

We want to inspire people to active and healthy lifestyle.

Investing in Action Stadium means investing in a healthier humankind.

One step

We are on a good cause and we are not the only ones: well-being is a trend that is set to continue.

We like to think about the future. With us, you are taking part in pushing the business world towards a more responsible future.

Engaging concept

Using the latest technology, we are building an activity park that attracts kids of all ages and all level – from athletes to gamers.

Our concept stands out and gets noticed regardless of backgrounds. Tracking your progress and achievements, and using them like video games is an appealing concept for adults as well.

Healthy addiction

Mobile games and sugar are addictive, so it’s Action Stadium, this is just an healthy addiction.

A visit to Action Stadium is a game-like experience. The games get everyone hooked on being active – there’s no other activity park like Action Stadium.

Our timeline

We joined our forces in 2017 and have already worked with municipalities, real-estate owners, partners and sponsors for a long time. The first Action Stadium will be opening in the Asia Pacific and Europe in the beginning of 2019 – and others are coming.

Currently, we are looking for public organizations, sponsors, and other possible partners to work for a healthier future.

What about the future of Action Stadium? We aim at having 100+ Action Stadiums in 2025.

Want to work with us?