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Sports combined with


We made being active fun and addictive, just like mobile games.

Healthy lifestyle is something we’re ready to fight for. We like to think that encouraging people to make better life choices must be written in our DNA.

Research shows that activities are vital to the development of a child. Active lifestyle not only improves physical condition, but emotional wisdom, creativity and problem-solving skills. For us, that is reason enough to start driving a change.

We’re from the Nordics, where the harsh and cold weather has forced people to adopt a resilient attitude that has created a unique lifestyle, education system, and eye for quality design. We want to combine health with world class education to create beneficent experiences for people all around the world.

Game mechanics, healthy lifestyle

Latest technology and games create a unique indoor activity park.

Likeable and approachable, the games are versions of familiar sports that use game mechanics to encourage competition with yourself and others. You don’t have to be a pro when you start – our scoring system has plenty of ways to power-up yourself.

About the games

Are you an investor or a real estate owner?

Work with us to get the kids moving.