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Sports combined with


We make being active fun and addictive

We live in a strange world. The better the technology we have on our hands, the more passive people have become. This problem has to be turned around.

Research shows that an active lifestyle not only improves the physical condition but emotional wisdom, creativity and problem-solving too. Why not harness technology to encourage that instead?

We combined physical activities and digital experiences into one. The glue in between is gamification, familiar from mobile games and their ability to capture our attention on screens. This time it’s the active and healthy lifestyle you get addicted to – not the old way around.

Experience our gamified physical activities

Try all the familiar sports with new twists. Collect points and compete against your friends offline and online. Set records and stand out in the leaderboards. Repeat as often as you desire.

As we are open and accessible to everyone, no pro skills are required. Doors to the first Action Stadium will open in August 2019.

What to expect?

Let's move people together!

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