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A Stadium full of gamified


15-25 diverse games that make people move.

Not only are the kids and teenagers fanatic about the games, they are also fun for parents and company events.

Some of our games

The games are versions of familiar sports with a twist of gamification.

Players gain points, compete in leaderboards, and level up, just like in mobile games. The familiarity makes them easy to adopt for everyone, and the gamification appeals to more competitive kids.

The technology

How does it work?

The Wristband

Everyone gets a wristband with RFID technology. It’s safe, quick and easy to use. The wristband holds all your information about the games.

Social Gaming

With the wristband you can check your progress and how your friends are doing. In addition to holding all the gaming data, the wristband is also your wallet.


Moreover, the wristband guides you through the game zones. Check the leaderboards, get motivated and choose your games. Push yourself and get addicted to exercise.

Different concepts for

Different audiences


Teachers have a lot of influence on the way kids think about exercising.

Working together with schools and other public operators, we want to get kids moving and develop healthy active lifestyles.


Activity park is also a great way to spend birthdays.

Going crazy with your friends in a safe environment is fun for both the kids and parents. We haven chosen quality cafes and restaurants.


Action Stadium is not only for children!

We also organize events for companies. Hold seminars in our conference rooms and afterwards play games with the whole team in the game zone.

The space

The place can be almost anywhere – lifestyle matters in every corner of the world.

Our international concept comes in three sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE depending on the space and location. The ideal space would be in between 2.500 and 5.000 m², to fit all the games and conference rooms, a cafe, changing rooms, and much more. The place can be almost anywhere – lifestyle matters in every corner of the world.  Have the perfect space in mind?

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