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A Stadium full of gamified


A five-star experience park with gamified activities

On a very concrete level, Action Stadium is a wide selection of games under one roof. You play them, collect points and try to match your friend’s score locally and globally. It’s a healthy addiction.

40 gamified physical activities

All easy to adopt. All addictive as mobile games but better.

We have designed up to 40 games and activities, including different soccer games, basketball games, ice hockey games, dance games, ninja track, kids gymnasium and parkour blocks, to name a few.

How does it work?


Everyone gets a wristband with RFID technology. It’s safe, quick and easy to use. The wristband holds all your information about the games.

Social Gaming

With the wristband you can check your progress and how your friends are doing. In addition to holding all the gaming data, the wristband is also your wallet.


The wristband guides you through the game zones. Check the leaderboards, get motivated and choose your games. It’s addictive.

Different audiences

Family & Kids

First, we designed Action Stadium for kids only. But then their parents wanted to play too.

Adults & Friends

It wasn’t only parents but other adults too. We took a U-turn and opened our doors to everyone.

Companies & Groups

Companies and other groups showed interest as well and we packaged some for them too.

Located around the world

We are now looking for real estate owners to join our movement. The lifestyle we represent is an international phenomenon.

Our concept is born global and comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Space and location set requirements for choosing the right one. The ideal setting would be 2.500–5.000m2 indoor space in the city centre, shopping mall or retail park.

Have the perfect space in mind?

Let’s move people together!

Investor? Real estate owner? Public operator? Potential sponsor?